Security is a core focus of Cyber 7.  We have worked on numerous security incident response situations and have gained the insight to protect systems before an incident occurs.  While there is no way for any organization to guarantee that a security incident will not occur, we take a secure first approach to help mitigate the risks to your business.  From simple steps that we find others don't consider which all businesses should employ to advanced real-time packet capture solutions that can detect active attacks, rogue software, ransomware and far more.

We use policies to enforce proper passwords, firewalls to block and properly restrict known malicious endpoints, restrict wireless appropriately, ensure backups are protected, ensure remote access is secured, help with data loss prevention, encryption options and perform in-depth traffic analysis for perimeter security.  We also deploy state-of-the-art endpoint security to protect systems throughout the organization.

You may have noticed when you arrived at our site that you were redirected to the HTTPS certificate secured site.  All websites should redirect visitors to a secured version of their website.  It helps to protect customers and is the right thing to do.  We can help ensure your systems are properly secured.



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