Malware/Adware on my Android??

Yep!  While there have been a few android malware/adware infections in the past, the recent Judy adware has been found on up to 40 apps within the play store.

Ultimately this wasn’t very significant in the way of losing personal information as this adware was used to gain fraudulent clicks.  Pretty benign in the grand scheme of things.

With that said, Android being one of the most widespread smart phone operating systems makes it a prime target.  It’s only a matter of time before something more ominous comes about.

So what can you do you may be asking.  We recommend running some version of anti-malware on your phones.  Malwarebytes makes a free version as does Sophos.   You can download both within the Google Play Store today.   For an even greater level of protection talk to us about our security offerings which happen to cover endpoints that include smartphones!