Our Approach

At Cyber 7 Group we approach technology from a business perspective.  Technology exists to serve the business, not the other way around.

With our truly, flat-fee pricing we allow you to focus on your business, not technology.   For one truly, flat-fee price, all of your IT needs can be managed by professionals without the worry of fluctuating costs and IT staff turnover.

Our entire staff takes the business first approach, thus acting as a CTO as much as handling daily technical needs and issues.

Our Story

Cyber 7 Group was born out of the need for small businesses needing quality, honest IT services at a reasonable cost.  We provide security services, cloud services, managed services, and IT consulting with a boutique approach and first name basis approach from top to bottom.

Jason Redwine started a managed service provider in Cincinnati back in 2002.   This entity was acquired in 2016.   Out of this, Cyber 7 Group was born, headquartered in Louisville KY.

Meet the Team

At Cyber 7 Group we believe in treating everyone as family.   Here's ours!


Jason Redwine


Jason is a 20+ year IT veteran.   Previously Jason founded an MSP in the Greater Cincinnati Area and continued to operate it for nearly 16 years.

Jason's goal is to bring security, efficiency, and simplicity to IT.   From the technical nature all the way to the legal and hr aspects of IT, Jason has you covered.  As a veteran CIO, Jason has a wide background in both technology and business .

Jason and his wife, Kelli, have 4 kids together.   His hobbies are lifting/training, technology, and coaching youth football and basketball.

Our Partners

Next Steps...

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